The history of our workshop!

Hi, my name is Tagir and I am the founder of WoodPecStudio !

I'm very glad that you went to my store.

I want to tell you the background to the creation of my small production

Since childhood, I've always dreamed about doing something related to the wood. I have helped my parents build a wooden house, and I really enjoyed it. I was lighted up by that idea. I remember how my father gave me the opportunity to work with small pieces of wood and I did various things with a great pleasure, and it was awesome!

And since that time, I have had the opportunity to start doing my favorite thing. It all started in late 2016. One fine day, I decided to open my workshop for the production of wooden products. wooden world maps

I really like what I do. Each process in this business I control personally. And I am confident in my products.

I will be very glad to answer all your questions.

With love and respect, WoodPecStudio.



Tagir - CEO

Ayaz - Marketing director


Arina - Content Manager

Slava - Shipper 

Nastya - Photographer 

If you have any questions, email us: woodmap.info@gmail.com